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Baby cradles or dolna

Cradles or dolna are a critical part of any nursery or child’s development. They provide the perfect place for infants to sleep and play, and they help to ensure that babies get the nutrients they need. 

Baby Cradle dolna

Why RFL Baby Cradles are best?

RFL Baby Cradles are the best because they: 

  • Promote safe sleep for babies. 
  • are easy to use and can be adjusted to fit different-sized babies. 
  • It have a variety of designs, colors, and materials to choose from. 

Baby Cradles or dolna price in BD

There are a few different types of baby cradles on the market. The cheapest and most popular type is the dolna, which is essentially a piece of cloth with a handle on one side and a teat on the other. It can be used to nurse or give infants pacifiers, and it's comfortable for both parents and baby. Other types of cradles include the swing, which simulates being in a mother's womb; the bassinet, which sits close to the crib; and the co-sleeper, which has two separate sections that can be pulled apart to create more room for an infant.